Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin (AOMA)

by Cat Calhoun
(Austin, Texas USA)

While no school is perfect, I have a deep love for my school, AOMA ( AOMA is a TCM based school focusing on acupuncture (about 40%) and Chinese herbs (about 60%). AOMA also offers Tuina and Medical Qigong tracks compliant with AOBTA certification requirements. We are heavily hands-on and have professionally supervised on-site, off-site, and community clinic internships. Patients are provided by the school.

I have found the faculty to be knowledgeable, the staff to be friendly and professional, and management to be responsive to changing needs in the field and to changing needs of the students.

We also have an excellent library with more than 5000 items available for check-out. As a matter of fact, we have one of the largest Oriental medicine libraries in the nation, great online searchable alternative and biomedical databases, and it's open 57 hours per week.

Our students have a 95% first try pass rate for the the NCCAOM boards. The school offers a couple of small business classes to give graduates a better chance of succeeding in the field. I do wish there were more of these specifically geared toward acupuncture, but will have to make do with continuing education classes and seminars.

Also on my class wish list is more acupuncture and energy work. Our focus on herbs is heavier than I would like, but I do have to say our graduates can write excellent effective formulas and could probably do so in their sleep! One final criticism is that the Medical Qigong program has been cut from 5 classes to 3. I wish we had more of that as I feel combining energy work with acupuncture is a very effective way to treat.

If you're looking for a good OM school, check out AOMA!

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