Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

by Anoymous
(Austin )

AOMA is definitely a mixed bag. I think the administration is incredible. They are politically active and doing their best to make sure that we get great seminars with doctors like Susan Johnson and Dr. Chen.

Most of the supervisors are strict TCM adherents. It would be nice to learn some different styles.

The faculty is very knowledgeable, the clinic is clean and well organized and the campus itself is quite serene with it's gazebos and ponds.

Any problems I have lie with the student body. Maybe it's just the group I started with, but I've noticed a lot of "junior high" behavior--cattines, gossiping, wicked insecurity and generally narrow small-town childish nonsense. The laid back open hearted behavior I expect from Austinites isn't in evidence here.

Aside from the general nasty comments people make aobut each other, there is a decided lack of team spirit, for lack of a better term. In my undergrad, students asked questions or called out answers without eliciting any comments. Here, a question perceived as "stupid" or a wrong answer is apt to be met by snickers or open derision.

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