Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

by Susan

As with all ambitious undertakings, there will always be challenges. At the Orientation, the admissions director gave an excellent presentation on Joseph Campbell's The Myth of the Hero. In particular, I remember the descent into Hell.... after many trials, the Hero emerged into the light, triumphant. Yep, that's how AOMA has been so far.

The first semester, I was on Cloud Nine.....being in TCM school after dreaming about it for over 15 years was cause for a regression to my own 6th grade hyperactivity and excessive joy. By the second semester I was completely exhausted and disgruntled by the curriculum, the amount of Western Med. course, miserable classmates who rarely had a nice thing to say, and irritated faculty. By the third semester, my expectations had become balanced, my perception clear. I studied hard, hung around students that seemed to have good Qi/balanced moods/humor/good-natures, tried to eat right and get to sleep on time.

As with a previous entry, I agree with the comment on "junior high" behavior. However, I don't think that anyone is beneath a gripe now and then. There will always be people who are ungrateful and complain about anything and everything. Do NOT be discouraged by these types. Wish them well and move on.

As far as the faculty and staff goes, they work really hard to make AOMA an excellent center of learning. Some professors work harder than others. I am personally THRILLED that the herb program is so strong. The facilities are really clean and nice with a turtle pond, an excellent library, and superb clinic!

My main complaint is that AOMA does not really embrace other styles of OM, rather most of the professors are from the same TCM school in China. However, weekend seminars on various topics are offered throughout each semester. Sometimes, the language barrier can be a bit of an issue as well, but most of the time it can be overcome through patience.

Overall, I would highly recommend AOMA to anybody seeking an excellent OM education in a hot climate with lots of cultural diversity then this is the school for you!

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