Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

When I was researching schools across the states I wanted to find a school that would provide me with a sturdy foundation, that would offer ways to explore what I do and do not know, that would create atmosphere that would help me to extend my studies into a possible PHD, that was small enough to be intimate and foster individual one on one learning with the professors but big enough to have resources, opportunities, and social outlets. There are so many other requirements to name them all. When I came to the Academy or Oriental Medicine at Austin, I felt like I was home. It exceeded my expectations in full. The professors are brilliant, one of a kind, friendly down to earth people. There are students there from all over the united states- many who are transfer students from other TCM schools. We do a lot in the community, which is good because we are helping people, and advertising Chinese medicine to those who may not know what it is. We are the sister school to Chengdu University, and offer study abroad. (Which I did! What an experience!)

I seriously could go on and on about how wonderful this school is. You can look at our school statistics- we do better than the national average on boards. But just that doesn't give AOMA the recognition it deserves. There's something more ethereal to this school that you just can't capture in words.

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