Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin

by James F. Jones, AP
(Fernandina Beach, FL, USA)

I received an exceptional education at AOMA. The faculty was diverse, mostly from various regions of China. I believe that the central leadership makes it a point to bring in a variety of viewpoints to expose students to a broad base, and allow the student to grow within his/her own interest. TCM is the taught modality, and by not diluting this too much with other disciplines such as Worsley and Japanese style, a coherent education is transferred.

The time that I attended was a great social and learning experience (97-2000). I know that different graduating classes have differing collective personalities, and I think I was lucky to be in a great group, during a time of intensive growth of the school.

I dont know how Austin is now, but it has always been a city/town of great character, diversity, youth and energy.

It was tough work, but I must say I loved every minute of it.

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