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This review may seem bittersweet, or bitter, but there are reasons why. I went there two years, and at the end of it, needed a major break. The commute was wearing me down, not to mention the social environment of the place.

I had experienced some really unpleasant things socially here, and was very disappointed with the lack of student professionalism (the faculty at the school was great--no complaints there on that front), and the fact that on more than one occasion, I had the experience of being confronted too many times with people bringing their issues and neuroses into the classroom. The majority of the time I studied there, I was stuck in classes with all females, and this got to be a little intense. I was stuck with a group of women for over a year there, where the social dynamics eventually became very unpleasant.

In the final analysis, I can say this: The faculty was great, and I learned a great deal--for this I am grateful and thankful. The other stuff, I could have lived without and ultimately I think this is what led me to really reevaluate whether I wanted to continue on, on this path, in this direction.

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don't give up!
by: Anonymous

oh, man, you've got to hang in there! I didn't like most of my classmates, but luckily, my boyfriend was the one classmate I liked - although to prevent gossip we kept it private - so we rarely talked in school. Trust me, I know how hard it is with classmates like you were describing. I just brought fun books to read during class breaks and ignored the people around me unless they were being nice. However, I stayed at my school because the education was so amazing! The teachers were awesome, the experience was great, and if you can find 2-3 people that you can deal with, you'll make it even if you hate everyone else. And it was worth it. When you graduate, you leave all those people behind you, and now it's just you and patients in the real world. Talk to your teachers, suck up all the learning you can, and ignore the idiots. Remember why you are there - because that will see you through. You're there to heal. You're there to make the world what you believe it can be - you're there to make that difference. Don't let those girls stop you from it. There are catty girls EVERYWHERE. Go to another school (I recommend Tri-State College of Acupuncture), start again, and don't give up. You can do it! And remember, even when it sucks, it's so different when you graduate. You can make your own clinic, start your own business, be who you are, and there will always be patients drawn to you. Don't give up!

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