by Ken Greep
(Austin, TX, US)

I would highly recommend the ACADEMY of ORIENTAL MEDICINE at AUSTIN (AOMA). I was at AOMA for four years and it was the best four years of my life. I started with a wonderful class that was supportive and to this day I consider my brothers and sisters.

The administration is always striving to stay one step ahead and the faculty is top notch. I have had many wonderful experiences with the teachers at AOMA and have found them to be friendly, supportive and always there when you need help.

The same can be said for the student body while I attended the school. The course load can seem brutal sometimes, but upon graduation I felt confident in my abilities both as an acupuncturist and an herbalist. The school also has excellent Tuina and Qi Qong programs and fantastic mind and body courses as well.

Austin is also a great place to live and play. Because Austin is such a great place to visit, there is never a lack of outstanding teachers from outside of the area who decide to hold seminars in Austin.

This provides excellent opportunities to gain exposure to other healing modalities and to meet amazing people. If you are considering an acupuncture school, I would recommend a visit to AOMA.

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