Dr. Miriam Lee

by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc
(Vancouver, Washington USA)

Dr. Miriam Lee (left) with her student, Susan Johnson LAc<br>(Photo reprinted with permission)

Dr. Miriam Lee (left) with her student, Susan Johnson LAc
(Photo reprinted with permission)

Dr. Miriam Lee is my hero.

Her book, Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist, overwhelmed me when I first read it as a student. For such a little book, it had so much information. Once I got started in my acupuncture career I re-read her book looking for point combinations and a deeper understanding of TCM theory to help me provide better treatments for my patients.

Now when I re-read Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist, I am not looking for anything. I read with a sense of awe and gratitude for what she went through, her clarity of thought, and her spirit of helping others. She could have given in to the burdens and pressures so easily. So when the (relatively minor) business challenges of running a practice seem difficult, I am reminded of how she faced far greater obstacles with “a prayerful heart”.

To me, Miriam Lee is the essence of dedication, perseverance, commitment, caring, and integrity. The name of this website is in part in honor of her. Thank you, Miriam!

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I was a patient :)
by: Lesley Dalton

As I begin suffering anohter horrific allergy season....I think back to when I used to see Miriam for treatments. I went to her from the age of 12-18 in her Palo Alto office back in the 80's and was treated for my hayfever and asthma. I anticipated her demanding I stick out my tongue and scolding me for drinking "cold drink", but looked forward to her kindness and expertise and a great 45 min nap!! She'd put the needles in, cover me up with a blanket, and let me rest. Then, after a pat and a hug, she'd send me off. Not a tickle, itch or sneeze the rest of the season! After searching for someone who studied under her, I only now learn I was treated by such a pioneer and master in her field. I miss her!

You rock!!
by: Anonymous

You have done an amazing job of inspiring and facilitating knowledge. thank you

I Agree!!
by: Kathi

Miriam's story should be a part of every acupuncture school's curiculum! She is a true inspiration!

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