Dr. Richard Niemtzow

by John H.

His protocols work. I never meet someone who could treat a patient who's pain was a 10/10 and get it down to zero in just a few minutes. He can do this all day long. I watched him do this and I know how well it works. This man is "giving away the farm" meaning he will tell you how to treat for free and show you what works for free also. I have been around chinese acupuncturists who were in their words "one of the best in the world". They are not even on the same day or year with Dr. Niemtzow.

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Happy to See Dr. Niemtzow Acknowledged
by: Anonymous

I was very happy to see your kind acknowledgment of Dr Richard Niemtzow's talents and amazing generosity. In my opinion, Dr. Niemtzow is a National Treasure who does not always receive the acknowledgment he deserves. I personally know what a brutal daily schedule he keeps and how he willingly sacrifices so much of his time, energy, and resources to help those in desperate need of treatment. Men half his age could not keep up with the demands of his schedule. People fly in to see him from all over the world, and he freely teaches them the treatment protocols that he has so painstakingly developed over the years. He does this with the unassuming heart of a true healer in the hope that others might become as effective as he is in providing nearly instantaneous pain relief to all those who suffer. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to benefit from his vast experience will always feel the deepest appreciation for this great master of acupuncture.

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