Dr. Shingo Fukinbara

by John L. Stump
(Fairhope, AL 36532)

In 1972, I John L. Stump, a former high school Biology teacher was accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic. There I was in a class of over 400 new students the one sitting by me in orientation was a Japanese man by the name of Shingo Fukinbara.

We became fast friends when I found he was a Zen Buddhist and knew the Martial Art of Shorinji Kempo. I became a student and in a short time was introduced to acupuncture for health and sport injury.
He went on to teach us the art and philosophy of acupuncture along with the martial art. After we completed our 4 years and was awarded our Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. He asked me if I wanted to go to Japan to learn more acupuncture. At the time there were no schools in America.
I enrolled and earned my OMD and then was sent to China to study with Dr. Fukinbara's Chinese master Wu Fong. After earning a PhD degree in China I returned to the United States and enrolled in the United States Sports Academy as a post-grad fellow and earned an EdD in Sports Medicine.
I spent the next 35 years teaching, practicing and writing about acupuncture philosophy and education in America. Now after all these years I feel fulfilled to know there are only a few states left before National Certification will be required in all 50 states.

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