I like your website and what you say about MLM

by Agota Horvath, MAOM

Hi Lisa,

I like your website and what you say about MLM. I am an acupuncturist and a part of a network marketing company that offers 5 gold star award winning pharmaceutical grade supplements.

I have been networking with acupuncturists and most are very closed off when it comes to network marketing. The company has been rated number 5 by Forbes on its 200 best small companies list and has been around for over 17 years and still acupuncturists are very suspicious of MLM.

Other health care practitioners seem much more open minded and it is sad to see so many acupuncturists who are automatically turned off my anything that can make them residual income. I have heard the same from other acupuncturist involved with the company, it's great that you have this informative website up on how people in our field can become more business savvy .

All the best,

Agota Horvath MAOM

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