I Love Being An Acupuncturist!

by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc
(Vancouver, WA (USA))

The secret to being a successful acupuncturist:<br>Hire a great receptionist!!

The secret to being a successful acupuncturist:
Hire a great receptionist!!

Dear Sadiyyah,

Thank you for taking the time to ask such a great question, "What is life really like as an acupuncturist?".

I can tell you from my experience that I LOVE being an acupuncturist! Although there are challenges with learning how to run a business and leverage time, I love working with my patients.

Chinese medicine is a beautiful blend of art and science that gives me the framework and freedom to really dig deep and learn amazing things about myself, people, life & death, and the world.

As far as your question about, will you have enough time to be a a good wife and mother?... well, balancing family time with work time is a challenge for any working parent. So you will have to meet those challenges on your own terms.

I will post your question to other acupuncturists to see what they have to say about their experiences. In the meantime, keep studying and I look forward to hearing more about your journey to become an acupuncturist!

Best regards,

Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

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