International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I graduated from ICTCM almost 10 years ago, so I haven't been back to that school for awhile, but I wanted to write a review because it is one of the largest and most recognized schools in British Columbia, Canada, and is the best of the schools in Vancouver.

Every school has its positives and negatives. I hear a lot of negatives about the TCM (and other--I worked at a massage school for 2 years) schools mainly because students want things run a certain way and the school wants to make money. After having absolutely NO input into how my university ran its programs and courses, I was actually happy to be able to talk to the people in charge at ICTCM. Sometimes changes were made, sometimes they weren't.

What I did get was a great chance to learn from some amazing teachers. The school also prepared me well for passing my provincial licensing exams.

Students will get out of it what they put into it.

I believe that with pretty much any school you will do a lot more learning post-graduating. You will also learn a great deal from other practitioners if you allocate the time for that.
ICTCM is a solid school with a great reputation and a good selection of teachers with a lot of experience. From each I learned something important.

From what I have seen and heard from students of other schools in the Vancouver area, ICTCM is LEAGUES above and beyond.

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