John Ottaviano, Dr. Stephen Rosenblatt, and Dr. David Bresler

by Bonnie McLean
(Pensacola, Florida U.S.A.)

I was introduced to California Acupuncture College by John Ottaviano in 1979. He was among the founders. He had an acupuncture practice where he treated both people and animals. Eventually he only treated animals and taught acupuncture to veterinarians all over the country. Dr. Rosenblatt was the President of CAC. The story that I was told by John was this: The original founders were mostly students at UCLA who were studying Gurujief, Krishnamurti, and other mystical traditions. They were also learning tai qi. They became interested in acupuncture and went to Chinatown in San Francisco to look for a teacher. An acupuncturist named Master Ju agreed to teach them. He insisted that out of respect for the profession they trade in their hippy hair, beards, and clothes for a clean cut appearance. This they did. When acupuncture was legalized, they opened CAC in Westwood, California. Dr. Bresler was my mentor during my internship. I remained and worked in his office for about two years after I was licensed. He had founded one of the the first pain control units at UCLA using acupuncture and imagery. Jeffrey Yuen was one of our lecturers. He continues to inspire me! Thanks for your very interesting article and your interest in this subject!

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