Jong-hwan Ree, O.M.D.

by Margaret Glignor-Schwarz
(Riverhead, NY)

As a young boy, Jong-hwan Ree was abducted from his family and forced to serve on the front lines of the Korean War, as a food runner. He claims if it were not for his industrious study of the English language, he would never have been able to negotiate for his life by obtaining a position as translator, or liaison, between US and ROK troops. The Captain of the unit, an American doctor, took him under his wing and taught him the subjects he should have been learning in school. He instilled in him a desire to be a caregiver and when the war was over, Jong slowly worked his way through medical school.

In the summer of 1972, Korea was chosen to host the Third International Conference on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The highlight of this particular conference was an appendectomy performed by a surgeon with the application of acupuncture serving as the sole anesthetic. Because of his good command of the English language, Jong was nominated to be spokesman for the event and, on the final day of the conference, a group of doctors from the US approached him and proposed that he come to the US in the interest of promoting education on acupuncture and oriental medicine there.

Because both governments were happy to allow his emigration for educational purposes, he found himself USA-bound, less than a year later. Hired by Brunswick Hospital on Long Island, Jong was instrumental in establishing the protocol for treatment of patients by acupuncture and was the first to be licensed to practice acupuncture in the state of New York.

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by: Margaret Glignor-SchwarzAnonymous

Dear Verna Mohr,
I would be happy if you shared my article; although, I don't quite get the connection of acupuncture/acupuncturist with costumery.

Dear Lisa Hanfileti,
I met Dr. Ree as a patient after I had just about exhausted every other avenue to correct my glaucoma. I remained his patient for 35 years.

To all readers of my post, thank you for your interest. Dr. Ree passed away a little less than a year ago and I have hit a few snags in getting his story published but am still determined to do so.

Response to Question
by: Margaret Glignor-Schwarz

Dr. Ree has treated me for over thirty years. Since I am a ghost writer, I was privileged to assist him in the writing of his first book, "Alternative Solutions". The better I got to know him, the more I realized his bio would be an inspiration to people of all cultures and finally persuaded him to allow me to write it.

First Licensed Acupuncturist in NY
by: Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

Thank you, Margaret Glignor-Schwarz for sharing this insightful information about Jong-hwan Ree. Wow! How did you know him and learn about his amazing story?

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