Thank you for this article.

by Brent Ottley, L.Ac.
(Salt Lake City, UT)

This is only one of many areas of the acupuncture profession in which there is a distinct lack of clear thinking and civil inter-professional dialog. We spend far too much time defending imaginary turf threats and a whole lot less time talking about how to get patients the help they need and practitioners the help they need to get the help to the patients. I'm on the licensing board in my state, and this very issue is coming up in a the meeting I'm in later this week. Your clear synopsis will be of great help to me in facilitating a clear and rational discussion, beyond the rhetoric and fear.

These are murky areas, and they're not going to clarify themselves until we work harder to develop a civil and clear-minded dialog between the various stake-holders and start listening to each other instead of fighting over knee-jerk responses.

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