the largest insult among our field

by Jenna
(San Diego, CA USA)

I dont care how you want to swing this argument, the fact of the matter is that the entire situation is absurd!

I am in a masters degree TCM program that is 4 years, full time, year round. it is extremely vigorous and takes extreme dedication. We learn an equal amount of western medicine to eastern medicine, but I am not called a nurse, or a nurse practitioner or a physicians assistant. I have more training than many in the western medical field yet i could never obtain any western titles. So tell me why it is so easy to obtain a medical acupuncture license?

I can not get the right to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs by taking a 300 hr long course on pharmacology. why should an MD get to take a course on acupuncture and be called an acupuncturist?

Medical acupuncturists provide substandard care and give acupuncture a bad reputation when the treatments do not work. When a patient goes to see an MD medical acupuncturist for care and never gets better, this creates a stigma that "acupuncture doesnt work for me". This patient never seeks treatment from a real acupuncturist who could truly help. It is one of the largest insults among our field. These MD's are not acupuncturists, they are needle technicians. A monkey can learn to place a needle in a body. Acupuncture however is an art, and takes many years of training and education.

This article is infuriating and insulting. I am strongly in favor of integrating both eastern and western medicine. However, in order to do so, western medicine will need to recognize a proper level of respect for what we do as health care providers. That would mean, going through the appropriate level of training to obtain particular titles.

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