The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc
OCOM Graduate 2000
(Vancouver, Washington, USA)

OCOM has a top notch TCM faculty consisting of the best clinicians, herbalists, academics, and administrators in the field. But the main reason why I enjoyed (and felt challenged by) OCOM is because it is an experiential program.

This means that as you learn about Qi and TCM principles, you are required to experience Qi. It is not enough to read about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine theory. You must learn to feel the movement of energy and understand at a deep level how to cultivate, preserve, protect, utilize, and direct your Qi. Inevitably as a student you are provided all the tools and support to grow and change (even when it is difficult and uncomfortable) to become not only an excellent AOM practitioner, but a balanced, healthy, and whole person.

I must not be the only one who thinks OCOM is great because they were given the AAAOM award for Best AOM school of 2007!

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I Agree!

OCOM is GREAT but you forgot to mention how fun Portland is too! There is lots to do -- like snow skiing at Mt. Hood, windsurfing on the Columbia, camping on the coast, or hiking in old growth forests. As far as cities go, Portland is very "livable"!

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