Tri-State College of Acupuncture

by J.B.
(New York, NY)

I'm really glad I chose to go to Tri-State. The school teaches three types of acupuncture, which I think is very beneficial for students. I was personally more attracted to Japanese acupuncture than APM and TCM, but some of my classmates were the exact opposite, and they seemed to like the school just as much. Overall I thought the faculty was amazing and one teacher in particular really changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Probably the best thing about the school is that it's very focused on clinical training. I didn't realize how much I was gaining from that until after I graduated and took a continuing ed class at another school and saw how bad they were at needling. I definitely graduated feeling very confident with my needling skills!

On the negative side, I found that the administration could sometimes be a little chaotic. We had a few scheduling snafus that really annoyed some people in my class. Also in their marketing materials they imply that you can work full time and go to school only evenings and weekends, but when you factor in all reading and assignments and plus that some of the 'evenings' start at 3pm it would be really hard to do if you're serious about the education.

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by: Illyan Seem

Thanks for the feedback J.B. It is true that the schedule had changed over the years, but our marketing materials were still saying the same thing. In our current materials we've clarified that it's a "full-time" program and "mostly" weekends and evenings (which is true). But yes, working full-time and earning a Master's is, as you say, really hard to do. And the more time you have to devote to your education, the better. That said, we attract many amazingly dedicated students (like you!) who do in fact manage to pull it off.

Illyan Seem
Director of Marketing

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