US Army MD's are referencing this Article

Just thought you'd like to know, that the US Army has referenced your article. More in point, the US Army MD faction that practices Acupuncture has referenced your article. And they are pointing out that it is written by an LAc.

You might want to verify some of those facts before you write them. I graduated from Acupuncture College a few years back and I had 3000 hours of training. I know the training hour requirements have increased since then.

Not sure how things are going to go in the future, but LAc's have recently had their credentialing stripped from them or never given to them. They are trying to standardize the hiring process for Acupuncturists. They love Acupuncture. Not sure if there are warm and fuzzy's for the LAc crowd so much though.

You might want to decide what side of the fence you are on. Whether you like it or not there is a fence and always will be. We didn't create it. The MD's did. We have to fight for our rights, just like the Chiropractic community has been doing for 100 years. Some food for thought.

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