William H. Khoe

by Nathaniel Khoe
(Duarte, CA)

There are countless stories of how my uncle treated me from simple disease as the common cold to mumps and even whiplashes.

He was so trusting to me, that at the age of 9, I would not be afraid of having 20 plus needles on my hand, ear, foot or back to cure whatever problem I had at the time.

As I finished college, I ran into several people that ask about my last name and wanted to know the relationship to Dr William Khoe. I told him, he was my uncle and then the unusual stories would come out. "He made me walk again." " I can see now!"

My Uncle Bill, was definitely a great American Acupuncturist. During his funeral service in Forest Lawn, the rest of family found out that he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine. The story told was he missed winning that honorable title by one vote.

I am trying to find out more information on him, but I seem to be running into road blocks.

Any ideas to further my quest?

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Our Dr. Khoe
by: Azalea Torrez-Venegas

As a 6yr old living in San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys as the time...I was living the Barbie doll dream, I would wash her clothes in my mom Wash-o-matic that was outside and slip my arm thru the rollers that bang its rollers on my 6 yr old arm till it was raw. My mother herd my screams and they took me to Valley Pres.Hospital...they bandage my arm but told my parents due to the fact that they had no medical insurance their was nothing they could do..Someone told my parents to take me to Dr.Khoe in Pacoima on Van Nuys Blvd. He heal my wounds and became our family doctor! He delivered my brother and sister. He was what a true Doctor should be. Only Doctor I ever believed in. Thank you for taking care of me and my family.

Wilhelm or William? Dr. Wilhelm Khoe, MD
by: Bob spkrart@aol.com

Maybe 30 years ago I was having severe back pain from scoliosis. A Physician friend said he had met a pain specialist out of UCLA that was teaching a course he was taking i.e. Wilhelm Khoe. My friend indicated Dr. Khoe could control my back pain with accupuncture. Come to find out Dr. Khoe treated the Los Angeles Dodgers ball club for aches and pains at the time. He also owned his own hospital in Sunland, CA. After seeing Dr. Khoe I learned he studied accupuncture in China where he also obtained a degree in Medicine. He attended Layola University in California becoming a board certified orthopedic surgeon, but after seeing the results of surgery and poor long term results, he stated to limit his practice to accupuncture with much more satisfying results. His nurses told me that he could stop a stroke in the emergency room before it crippled a specific patient or became serious. I was hospitilized in Sunland and treated by Dr. Khoe for 12 days with intense accupuncture.
After release, I experienced no more back pain until I turned age 60, 30 years later. I tried to track down Dr. Khoe, about 5 years ago but found he had sold his hospital and no longer taught at UCLA, that he had moved to Las Vegas, set up a practice and that he had passed away in Las Vegas. He was a master accupuncturist. There are few of them around unless you visit China. I have tried numberous accupuncturists in California and none of them have come close to the speed, akill and perecision of Wilhelm Khoe. I hope we are talking about the same person. His parents were half German and half Chinese and he was raised in China moving to the U.S. after he reached adulthood.

Dr Willem Khoe taught me
by: Ronnie Turner

Hi, I went to Los Angeles from Dublin Ireland in 1976 to take Dr Khoe's "preceptorship" course. He introduced me to Acupuncture According to Voll. He had his own slant on everything of course. He was sending an electrical current through the acupuncture points discovered by Dr Voll in Germany and using homoeopathy as tested with the EAV machine. I didn't sleep the night after the first day seeing his program. And I've never lost my enthusiam for the methods he pioneered for me. I'm an acupuncturist and chiropractor still working at 70 years old, in Dublin, Ireland. William Khoe changed my life. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam. (may his sould be on God's right hand side). Ronnie Turner

by: George

I'm 54 to be 55 next month old man. Dr. Khoe delivered me at northridge Hospital. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I'm saddened to hear of his passing. The world is most assuredly at a loss of such a person. I remember going to his doctors office in pacoima , calif. My mom took me from birth on up. The Doctor always , always..had a line of people waiting to see him that would fill his office and go out the door, and this was no exaggeration. I remember his office walls, desk, and yes including his ceiling had certificates and awards 360 degrees... yes, absolutely the truth. As a grown man later in life I remember seeing a special on 20/20 speaking of him and how he had become the number one specialist in the state of California after going back to I believe was China and furthering his studies. I believe he then returned for a time to the Hospital in Sun Valley , CA. This was the last I had heard of him. what amazed me so much is that as a Doctor general practice , he knew what was wrong with you in minutes, and always was right! I miss him and send my sincerest condolences to his family and friends and to all who's lives were made better by him.

The Search goes on!
by: Nathaniel Khoe

Thank you for telling your side of the story reqarding my uncle. I can't tell you how many countless stories that have been told to me when they find out my last name. They have this look, followed with a question, "Do you know a Dr Khoe?" "Was he your dad?"

Glad to see that he has touched so many lives. I know he was a positive influence in my life. My Aunt Judy was one of my favorite aunt's as well.

In the mean time, I will continue to search for more information on Dr William Khoe. Thanks for helping!

Willem H Khoe
by: B Grudzien

Was my absolute favorite doctor of all time. He treated our family in Las Vegas, NV from about 1983 - 1994 until we moved as a homeopathic doctor. He also did acupuncture there, and our family benefited from that once or twice. One of the hardest things about leaving Las Vegas, was leaving Dr. Khoe eventhough his practice had been cut back at that time because he was getting close to retirement.
Yes, he was nominated for a Nobel Prize but I believe it was in Alternative Medicine, not the Peace prize about 1989?? Not exactly sure when.
He and his wife, Judy, were amazing in their caring manner. You might wait an hour in his office, but you knew that when it was your turn; it would not be a quick in and out visit. You would get his full attention and patience. It was amazing to me to sit in his office and see all the patients he had coming to visit him from all over the world and here I was just getting my kids immunizations. I felt so blessed by him and his influence in our lives. He told me that he didn't need our money and that he would teach me how to use the homeopathic remedies at home so that we could avoid office visits for small things.

P.S. from peggys.em@live.com
by: Anonymous

I REALLY think he was your Uncle. He was nominated by NOBEL, His wife told me that!

by: peggys.em@live.com

have you tried the state of Nevada??? In 1986,or so, I was treated by a Dr Khoe (Homeopathy) that was chinese and his wife was an american and caucasion, for Alheimers. I was in my late 30's, mid 40's, I don't know, And he cured me. Now that I am 65, I wish I could see him again. I could use a "refresher course"
Of course he has passed on now.
He treated me for ACUTE heavy metals. 5 if I remember correctly. He saved my young life. I would like to know if he were your Uncle.
I can't swear to it, but I do believe his name was the same. I remember his wife once told me he changed his first name because everyone here mis-pronounced his name.
Please forgive my spelling. Hope this helps.
Peggy Wilhelm
P.S. Should this be he, I know why you want to see about him. Peggy

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