Acupuncture Marketing

Integrated Marketing Tools for Your Acupuncture Practice

I am delighted to report that many acupuncturists find my site by searching for "acupuncture marketing" or "acupuncture business marketing". What this tells me is acupuncturists are looking for solutions to promote their clinics and trying to be responsible business owners.

That is great news! But only if they find the acupuncture marketing tools and resources that work.

So I am going to share with you the most powerful tool I know of, and I use everyday in my practice, to help you with marketing your acupuncture services.

Before I get to it though be sure to look at the books and course that I think are essential for acupuncturists to build a successful practice.

Build Your Dream Practice by Kevin Doherty, LAc

Never Market Again by Burton Kent

Building a Successful Practice by Honora Lee Wolf and Blue Poppy Press.Note: this is an entire online course based on Points for Profit and (for an extra fee) includes CEU credits. 

What is "Relationship Marketing"?

Relationship marketing is what you do everyday with your patients. You sit down with them and listen. You talk with them and advise them on various aspects of their diet, behavior, beliefs, physiology, and energy systems. You are building trust and rapport. For some patients, you will be the first person who has ever heard their complete story. Or they will feel that you are the first to ever listen to what they have to say. This can be very powerful for patients and tremendously healing in and of itself.

The acupuncture business marketing tool that I use in my practice is not only simple and effective, it is automated

To me it is an essential foundation for customer retention, communication, education, and encouragement.