Google Adsense
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How to Earn a Passive Income
with Google Adsense

I was shocked when I first learned how advertisements worked on websites. This system is truly a WIN-WIN-WIN for the three "players" involved, and in my experience, Google Adsense for acupuncturists is one of the easiest ways to generate some extra passive income. All you need is your Acupuncture Clinic Website and a free account with Google Adsense.

But before I get into the logistics of how to set up your Google Adsense account, let me explain how the entire system works and how you earn money from Google. 

How Everyone "Wins" with Google Adsense

Advertisers pay Google to find relevant websites for them to place their ads on. For instance, lets say advertisers like Quickbooks or Palo Alto Software, Inc., want to advertise their Special Business Plan Templates. They ask Google to find a website where people are likely to be interested. These advertisers don't want their ads on cooking sites or some place where the visitors are not going to be interested in their products. It is Google's job to find the right web pages to place their ads. Since I have a section in my website about writing an Acupuncture Business Plan, Google "sees" this 3-way match:

  1. My relevant information 
  2. The advertiser's product 
  3. The customer's needs 
And Google places the ads on my very relevant page about Acupuncture Business Plans (see below).

Google Adsense for Acupuncturists

The Advertiser is happy because people who are already learning about business plans are on that page and therefore more likely to click on their Special Business Plan Templates. Google is happy because they are getting paid by the happy advertisers. The Customer is happy because there is relevant information and good quality products to choose from.

I am happy because my customer is happy, and therefore more likely to return, and I have added value to my website by providing more information and resources to choose from. And I am even happier because Google then pays me a "commission" of sorts every time a customer looks at an advertiser's site.

That's right. All the customer or visitor has to do is LOOK by clicking on a particular advertisement. Unlike with earning income through Affiliate programs (explained in my next "Passive Income for Acupuncturists"installment) where the visitor must purchase the advertiser's products or services through a particular affiliate link, with Google Adsense you get paid when the visitor clicks on the advertisement, regardless of whether they buy anything. 

As the website owner who provided the quality content and therefore the "pathway" for the customer to find and look at the advertisement, I get rewarded for my work by getting paid. Everybody WINS!!

Insights-For-Acupuncturists Google Adsense Earnings

These are my earnings with Google Adsense after 1 year, but you can make MUCH MUCH more than that. I have only a few pages with ads on them and I have not worked diligently to optimize them. Nonetheless, it is still over $100 in my pocket that I would not otherwise have. All for doing relatively little. 

In truth, the only "downside" to Google Adsense is that sometimes the ads can clutter up the pages so it makes it more difficult to read the information that you worked so hard to provide. But Google has a great program and resources to help you optimize the number of ads per page and structure them in such a way that brings you the most success. 

Google Adsense for Acupuncturists:
Set Up Your Google Account for Free

Google has a great Adsense Support section that will answer all your questions and guide you through setting up your free Google Adsense account.

Before you go forward however, I suggest that you read through Google's detailed Help section to make sure that putting Google Ads on your website is right for you. Make sure you understand the rules of ad placement and valid clicks (see below).

Once you are sure Google Adsense is right for you, go to and select "Sign Up Now" to start the very simple process of opening your free Google Adsense account. There are several tutorials in both written and video format to take you through the process of how to create ad units, change the colors and sizes, and how to generate the "code" to place the ads on your website.

Be aware that you must have A LOT of traffic to your website in order to really generate a substantial income form Google Adsense. So if you do not have a well optimized website with good keywords that brings in new and return visitors everyday, then you are not a good candidate for earning a significant passive income through Google Adsense. The best thing you can do for yourself is optimize your acupuncture website so it brings in lots of traffic. Over time you will build momentum and the Google Ads will work for you. 

Play by the Rules or Pay!

Google has some strict rules that you must follow or you will be "kicked out" of the Google Adsense program.

One of the most important rules is that you may not click on ads on your own website! Google can track this and ONE CLICK can get you banned from Google. Also, soliciting others like family and friends to click on the ads on your website is the equivalent of stealing and should NEVER, EVER be done. You are guaranteed to get banned from Google for life if you attempt to solicit false clicks.

Another rule is that you may not show or even discuss your Google earnings with regard to click-through rate of particular advertisements. If you ever see a "screenshot" of someone's Google earnings, you will always see some of the information blurred out because it is against Google's rules to show certain data. (See above screenshot of my account.)

One newer rule is that every website that has Google Adsense must have a "Privacy Policy" which explains stuff like "cookies" and how a visitor's information is tracked. The privacy policy I have on is a generic one and covers all the bases. Feel free to copy mine, just exchange my website's name for yours. 

If it all sounds complicated, don't worry it really is very simple, and Google goes out of their way to make sure you understand. Google wants you to succeed so they have more websites to place advertiser's information on. 

One last note: You are not limited to Google Adsense for your website. Yahoo, Kontera, and many others also have good advertising programs, so go ahead and look into them. You cannot put ads from different companies on the same webpage though, so be certain to read the rules and policies of any program that you join. 

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