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OCOM is Honored with the
AOM School of the Year Award!

OCOM is AAAOM's choice for 2007 AOM School of the Year

Carol Taub receives the 2007 AOM School
of the Year Award on behalf of OCOM

The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) honored the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) with the 2007 AOM School of the Year Award for their commitment to and support of the acupuncture profession.

OCOM has a clear understanding of the financial hardships faced by many acupuncture students. Often students with limited funds must focus their financial resources on tuition and living expenses at the exclusion of joining beneficial AOM student organizations or attending professional AOM events. The unfortunate outcome is that students miss valuable opportunities to learn more about acupuncture and oriental medicine from the most incredible leaders in the field. Additionally, when students cannot afford to participate in their national professional organization, they end up being left out of the critical process of shaping the AOM profession. 

To make participation in the now unified national acupuncture organization easier and affordable for students, OCOM got down to work. OCOM sponsored half of the combined cost of student membership plus conference attendance in order to encourage and enable students to participate! As a result over 100 OCOM students were able to join the AAAOM (affectionately referred to as the "Triple-A Oh Em"), and attend this year's incredible seminars, lectures, workshops, meetings, and participate in critical votes to shape and strengthen the student organization within the AAAOM.

For many this was their first experience at an acupuncture conference. They were able to meet other acupuncture students and practitioners from all over the country (and world!), including such pioneers as Misha Ruth Cohen, Miki Shima, Honora Lee Wolfe, Susan Johnson, Marc Grossman, Master Li Jun Feng, and many other incredible acupuncturists.

It was an unforgettable event, particularly for the OCOM students who would not have been able to attend without the generous support of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. 

Way To Go, OCOM!

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