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Acupuncture Practice Blueprint

The first step to building a house is developing a blueprint with the priority of constructing a strong foundation. 

The foundation of your acupuncture practice is YOU.

What this means is, who you are, what you believe, how you practice, the people you surround yourself with, and where you draw inspiration all combine to create the invisible blueprint for your acupuncture practice. 

How you express and build upon your unique blueprint will influence the success of your acupuncture practice.

As an acupuncturist you already know a lot about yourself. No one goes to acupuncture school on a whim. You chose an honorable profession and a life that reflects your beliefs.

It is clear that you love the art of Chinese medicine. But will you love the business of acupuncture practice management?

In truth, you do not have to love business to be successful, but it is so much more fun when you do. And since you are in this for the long haul, why not find a way to make your success enjoyable? 

The Blueprint:
Your PlanYour Action, & Your Future

Knowing who you are is a process that is not going to be completed through the course of setting up your acupuncture clinic.

However there are some key tools and strategies that can help you reveal those aspects of yourself most needed to create a strong, healthy, acupuncture business model.

Finding and utilizing the methods that work for you are your First Steps to constructing the solid foundation for your practice. 

Once you have initiated Your Plan and know what makes you fulfilled and happy, Taking Action will be easy for you. As will seeing yourself enjoying Your Acupuncture Practice into The Future and Beyond. The information provided here is to help you understand what decisions you will have to make and what variables need to be taken into account.

Use the information as guidance but not specific advice. Ultimately you must make the crucial decisions about your own practice. 

Know Your Plan

Sometimes as you work on Your Plan it will feel like you are not "doing" anything tangible toward opening your practice.

I assure you, these initial steps lay the foundation necessary for a strong, stable and successful acupuncture business.

Do not confuse Your Plan with Writing a Formal Business Plan. That step comes later. 

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Your Plan includes:

  • Know Thyself: Understanding Who You Are Is The Most Important Aspect of Defining Your Acupuncture Clinic
  • Know Your Classmates: They Are Your Future Colleagues
  • Know Your Teachers: They Are the Ever-Present Voices of Wisdom in Your Ear
  • Know Your Mentors: They Inspire You When You Need It Most

Take Action

The next steps are all about decision making and implementing Your Plan so that your acupuncture practice best suits your strengths.

This is the step you have been waiting for because this is where you will start to see tangible results for all your efforts. 

Build Your Acupuncture Practice

It is time to Take Action and "do" all the things you have patiently been preparing yourself to accomplish.

Even though it is easy to get caught up in the occasional frustration of the details, remember to enjoy what you are doing. 
Congratulate yourself often because you are finally ready to begin Building Your Acupuncture Practice! 

Take Action means it is time to:

  • Write A Business Plan: Map out Realistic Strategies for Success
  • Name Your Acupuncture Practice: Brainstorm, Research, Decide and Register
  • Determine Your Business Structure: Solo, Partnership, Group, Buy Out
  • Organize Your Business: SP, DBA, LLC, S-Corp
  • Form Your Company: Through a Lawyer or Yourself
  • License Yourself: Acupuncture & Business
  • Insure Yourself: Malpractice, Disability, Business
  • Select Accounting Methods: Patient Invoices, Insurance Billing, & Tax Prep
  • Accept Payment From Your Patients: Health Insurance, Credit Cards, Cash, & Checks
  • Pay Yourself First: Understand the Meaning & Method
  • Create Your Marketing Materials: Business Card, Website, Phone Book Listing, Brochure
  • State "The Policy": Scheduling, Fees, Cancellations, No-Shows, Disputes
  • Implement a System For Feedback: Your Practice Success

Manage Your Future

After the establishing Your Plan, and Taking Action, you are ready to look ahead to effective ways to Manage Your Future.

Your foundation is solid and your structure is in place. You can now implement systems that will provide for a successful and fulfilling future. 

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The Future includes:

  • Track Continuing Education: Plan & Budget
  • Set-up A File System: Keep Financial Records Easy to Access
  • Plan For the Future: Retirement, College Funds, Will, Medical Directive, Etc.
  • Insure Yourself: Health Insurance, Dental, Optical, Life Insurance
  • Devise Debt Repayment Plan: Credit Card, Student, Auto, Personal, Business Loans

Begin Your Business Pre-Plan 
Write a Busness Plan 
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