Business Decisions

Important Business Decisions for
Organizing Your Acupuncture Practice

Making business decisions with little understanding of how these choices impact your acupuncture practice puts you and your acupuncture career at serious risk. The easy solution is to educate yourself about business structures, business models, acupuncture practice management, and acupuncture marketing. 

I am highlighting educate yourself because you and only you are responsible for your business decisions. Your acupuncture school may have done a good job at educating you about HIPPA guidelines, legal and ethical issues for acupuncturists, and how to order acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs. But it is likely that your acupuncture training did not include adequate information on the most important business decisions you will make pertaining to the success of your acupuncture practice.

Most successful acupuncturists knew very little about business structures, models, marketing, and management before they started their acupuncture practice. Information arriving daily. Check back soon or click on the RSS feed to receive pages as they are posted.