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Tools and Resources for Acupuncturists

The internet provides some of the best business and practice tips, tools, and resources for acupuncturists. I have tried to collect together and organize some of the best ones for you to use to help you at whatever stage you are in starting, building, or growing your acupuncture practice.

Use your own judgment to determine what information works for you. If you find other resources for acupuncturists that you want to share, please contact me and I will look them over for inclusion in this list.

If you are unable to find the information and tools you need, do a Quick Search of Insights-For-Acupuncturists and the Web

Business Planning Resources:

My Own - Simply The BEST For Business Info & Planning

The IRS Small Business Classroom - The cure for insomnia. Loads of important business tax info.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Local Resources - The gold standard for starting a business. Meet an SBA representative in person at your local office.

The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) - Worth checking out. But I prefer the SBA.

Palo Alto Software's Business Plan Pro - Results in an excellent formal business plan to present to a bank or other lending institutions.

Tim Berry's Business plans - Business guru and creator of Palo Alto Software. Time donates much of his time providing FREE business information, especially for Start-Ups. His site has tons of great resources including a link to businesses for sale. Acupuncture practices are listed!

Marketing Plans - Developed by Tim Berry (see above), good info if you want to have a formal marketing plan to show a bank. 

Must-Read Books:

Build Your Dream Practice by Kevin Doherty, LAc. A $35 investment, well worth it because you will be re-reading it over and over again. Loaded with great info.

Never market Again by Burton Kent. This is a great How-To Guide for Acupuncturists afraid of taking the marketing plunge. In simple steps Burton shows how to make your patients your greatest resource for word-of-mouth and referral marketing (which is by far the BEST form of marketing). 

Browse the Acupuncture Marketing Library

The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer - Practical business guidance with inspirational true stories.

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter - There are 4 ways to earn money: Salary. Investments. Self Employment. Business Owner. If you want financial freedom, be a business owner. 

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath, Dan Heath - Marketing advise about how to keep it real and make an impact. 

Create a Business With Your Website:

Lisa Hanfileti, LAc: Why Every Acupuncturist Needs a Properly Constructed Website. Important stuff you should know before you hire someone to design your website, decide to create your own website, or decide NOT to have a website at all. (Oh no!) 

*NEW!* Acupuncture Website Packages: Review of my Top 6 Software and Web Design Deals for Acupuncturists.  Coming Soon!  Inexpensive domain names and website building tools. If you are going to create a "do it yourself" acupuncture website and have little web-building experience, look at Site Build It (below).

Site Build It. Build an Acupuncture Clinic Website that works to market, promote, build, and expand your business. Free hosting, traffic building resources, ezine tools, and a step-by-step guide is included.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool. Optimize your Website Pages with the Key-Words Your Patients are Searching for on the Web.

Create a Website that Markets to Local Patients. Learn how to create a website that attracts local customers AND earns an income from a global following.

Make Your Content Presell by Dr. Ken Evoy. A must read to understand the importance of writing for your customers on the web. *FREE Ebook Download, 140 pages.

The Netwriting Masters Course by Dr. Ken Evoy. Learn essential "Net-Writing" skills. *FREE Ebook Download, 50 pages.

The Service Seller's Masters Course by Dr. Ken Evoy. Learn How To Write Valuable Content about Your Acupuncture Services and Build a High Traffic Website that Builds Your Business. *FREE Ebook Download, 203 pages 

Free Online Inspiration:

Jack Canfield's 21-day mentorship mini-course. Good information.

Jack Canfield's Audio Class to Inspire Success. Great to listen to while folding laundry. Keep pen and paper handy to take notes.

The Masters of the Secret Audio Series with Bill Harris. Great interviews with inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs. Down to earth advise and stories about the challenges they had to overcome to succeed.

The Conscious Media Network: Interview with Intuitive Dr. Christine Page. The take home message, "your body loves you." All your body is trying to do with illness is tell you it loves you. Wow.

Learning Herbs is fun! Free e-course on "Supermarket Herbalism". What a great way to communicate herbalism to regular folks (patients, family, and friends) and make herbs fun. There's even a board game! 

Personal Growth and Coaching Resources:

Counseling for Acupuncturists. When you need an objective perspective, help with boundaries, or help with difficult personalities (patients, co-workers, or family).

Kevin Doherty, LAc, Practice Building and Personal Business Coaching. A great investment in guidance from an acupuncturist who has been through the difficulties of building a successful acupuncture practice.

Beverly Martin, Inner Active Communications. Learn effective communication because words can heal. 

Holosync Brain Balancing Audio Technology Free Demo. Get all your brainwaves (Beat, Alpha, Theta, Delta) working for you.

Personal Growth from provides a complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet. 

Financial Management Resources:

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Marketing & Media Resources:

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