Get Paid

Earning an Income Means Getting Paid

You will be working hard, particularly in your first year, and you need to make certain you are getting paid for your services. 

Check Payment

This can be a sensitive issue for Acupuncturists who feel (either consciously or unconsciously) that making money from sick people is wrong.

The Principles of the Business world are not governed by feelings. Your rent and electricity must be paid with money. That is the way business works.

Finding a comfortable, or at least neutral, way to collect your fees is essential to keep your acupuncture practice in business and growing. 
I have been in business for almost 8 years now and I still find it difficult to take payments from my patients, especially when know they are having financial problems.

My best advice is to get someone else to collect all the payments for you. It is better to have someone who is "neutral" and views getting paid as just part of their job.

Making it easy for your patients to pay you will also make getting paid easier.

Without going into the pros and cons of payment methods, make sure you have the necessary paperwork, equipment, change, and knowledge to accept payment in various forms.

  • Insurance
  • Cash or Check
  • Credit Card
  • Billing or Payment Plan
  • Trade, Barter, or Exchange

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