"Write" Your Business Plan
Using a Free Mind Map

by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

Another excellent business resource to help you write a business plan is a Free Mind Map. Mind Maps are perfect tools especially if you are a "visual learner" and find the linear left-brained aspects of writing a business plan too restricting.

Mind Meister Free Mind Mapping Software

A mind map allows you to literally "think outside and inside the box" in a creative and fun way that still allows you to get the information you need to plan your business success.

Even if you never NEED to write a business plan, going through the process of planning will help you understand your business and make it more successful.

Plus creating them is FUN! Making a Mind Map feels more like playing than working, and you can uncover some really great information and ideas.

These are difficult to explain, so I will just show you: 

My Marketing Plan Using a Free Mind Map

Download your FREE Mind Maps from MyMindMap.net 

This is one of the Mind Maps I created of the Marketing Plan for Points of Origin, my acupuncture practice.

I do not make them on the computer. I just typed this one out to show you how they can work. Usually I use a bunch of colored pens and scribble, color, draw, and play with them until I have something I can work with.

Mind Maps are great tools that can help with anything from studying for your NCCAOM Exam to planning out business budgets and time lines.

Print out several of the Mind Map Templates and try them out! (Please note that mymindmap.net is a free service but does accept donations if you feel so inclined.) 

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