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Incorporating a Multi-Level Marketing business model into an acupuncture clinic is a controversial topic. (See, "Acupuncture and Multi-Level Marketing: Does Multi-Level Marketing Belong in the Acupuncture Clinic?") Nonetheless, more and more acupuncturists are turning to Network Marketing to find good quality herbal and nutritional supplements for their patients, and to provide an additional source of income for their acupuncture practice.

In order to provide nutritional supplements, herbs, or other products through Network Marketing, acupuncturists (like all serious Network Marketers) are discovering the incredible advantages of incorporating the use of the Internet. Online Network Marketing is a relatively new phenomenon that is destined to change the way MLM companies do business.

Just recently Internet guru, Ken Evoy, and Network Marketing expert, Ann Sieg (author of "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing"), have teamed up to help average people understand the essential concepts of how to combine the best of Network Marketing with the power of the Internet. 

If you have any inclination whatsoever to use (or are already using) MLM products in your acupuncture practice, I recommend that you read, "The 7 Great Truths of InterNetwork Marketing". I have personally compiled this information for people who are struggling to make Network Marketing a successful business model. I am not recommending a particular company or product, but simply trying to help you get the tools, resources, and information you need to be successful.

It can be done! 

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"The 7 Great Truths of InterNetwork Marketing" contains practical information, strategies, and tools to position yourself to benefit from the revolution of online Network Marketing. I was inspired to write this report after listening to and reading materials by Ken Evoy and Ann Sieg.

Ken is a visionary and creator of Solo Build It!. He has developed a program to help beginners, Put The "Net" Into Network Marketing. Ken recognizes the problems all MLMers face. Namely generating quality leads, converting them, and training them to repeat the process. Moreover, ken understands the challenges (legal and logistical) of "doing" Network Marketing online.

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In walks Ann Sieg. Ann has created a dynamic marketing system in The Renegade Network Marketer. Ann understands that MLMers need "leads now and income yesterday". She has mastered the automation and tracking power of the Internet.

Together, Ken and Ann have set out a tremendous plan for Network Marketers to find the success that has eluded them for years. Best of all, at the heart of the plan is integrity, teaching, and building relationships based on trust. Acupuncturists are a natural fit for this business model!

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"The 7 Great Truths of InterNetwork Marketing"
by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc, MAcOM