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Squeeze Page Software

Getting the Most for Your Money

Squeeze page software can be integrated for use with your business website or used separately to create a stand alone landing page. The squeeze page itself serves four essential purposes. First a it gives your customers an easy way to see and read about the product (usually an e-book or free report) you are offering. Second, it provides the essential platform for your visitors to sign up to get your product. Third, it builds, protects, and categorizes your all-important "List" of interested visitors for you to contact via auto-responder or multiple other methods. And Fourth, squeeze page software allows you to both individualize and automate the entire process.

Even if you have never heard of a squeeze page, I guarantee you have seen one. They are also referred to as "sales pages" because the purpose is to provide a selling point for your service or product. As new as squeeze page software is to the internet, there is already a great deal of research demonstrating what kind, style, length, and attributes of squeeze pages results in the highest conversions. More importantly, the research shows what does NOT work. 

If you want to be successful with your squeeze page, I highly recommend that you check out Matthew Glanfield's Your Squeeze Page Version 3.0. He has an easy-to-follow video demo showing how the software works and he also offers a 7-day trial for $1. (Yes, one buck.) That's what I did and was blown away with the ease of use and professional looking results. It almost makes me feel like a professional webmaster! 

Matthew Glanfield makes the process of creating a squeeze page simple, and his Version 3 squeeze page software actually allows you to test different elements (colors, headers, borders, etc.) to see which provide the best conversions. Best of all, the software keeps track of all the results and automatically inserts in the highest converting elements to your squeeze page. That's incredible!

In a nutshell, Michael;s squeeze page software allows you to:

  • Create professional looking squeeze pages in under 5 minutes
  • Add audio, video, or other media to your squeeze page
  • Customize your thank you page according to what the visitor entered in the squeeze page
  • Automatically test and track every component of your squeeze page

For only $19.95 per month I think this is a tremendous value. If you pay for the entire year at once then it is reduced to only $14.95 / month. That's really incredible when you realize the fee includes software that is easy to use, edit, and "upload" (all you do is click a button) and you get they ability to make an unlimited number of individualized squeeze pages. 

How To Get Your Own Squeeze Page

Before you get too excited about this software, first determine whether you need squeeze page software in the first place. If you are trying to build a list at all, then you need to use squeeze pages, but there are three different options on how to go about creating one:

1. Design your own.

This option requires at least basic knowledge in HTML, FTPing and even a bit of PHP if you want to do your own tracking.

If you are able to tackle all of these things, you can save yourself some money. However, you might still find yourself spending far too much time.

2. Hire a web designer.

In my opinion, this is much better than option #1. Rather than waste your own time trying to learn HTML and all those other acronyms, you can simply hire somebody to do it for you.

This will cost you anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on how much work you want them to do.

3. Use squeeze page software.

This option falls somewhere between #1 and #2. It will save you the hassle of learning HTML, and it will save you the money of hiring a web designer.

The only problem is finding the right software. A lot of them out there will quickly create squeeze pages, but then you have to figure out how to upload them using FTP, and how to test and track everything.

Others will save you the latter problems, but then aren't very flexible.

I found Your Squeeze Page Version 3.0 to solve all of those problems. With it you can:

  • Host unlimited squeeze pages (no extra cost for each page)
  • Track, test, and split-test EVERY component, from your headlines to your audio and video to your offer
  • Avoid learning HTML, PHP, FTP, MySQL, and any other technical term
  • Build your list faster and better

To check out Matthew Glanfield's demo video Click Here

Your Squeeze Page Version 3.0

Create A Squeeze Page For Only $1

With Matthew Glanfield's Your Squeeze Page Version 3.0 software, you can finally...

  • Create squeeze pages in less than 5 minutes
  • Automatically test every aspect to get maximum results
  • Google-friendly your squeeze pages to lower your costs
  • Add video and audio to increase your profits
  • And more...

Click here for a free video demonstration