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**UPDATE** Insights For Acupuncturists is undergoing a renovation! So much has changed since I originally created this website it in 2007. I'll be updating the best information, resources and the latest, greatest marketing strategies for acupuncturists. If you have a topic you are struggling with, let me know by clicking here. Thanks! ~Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

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[FREE Webinar] The Holistic Product Roadmap

Acupuncturists Product Creation Guidebook with Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird

If you haven't already watched the Andy's & Marcus' free video training series on their signature program, "The Holistic Product Blueprint: How to Design Your Intellectual Property, Escape an Effort Based Income Trap and Join the Top 5% of Holistic Entrepreneurs”, I encourage you to watch the videos now while they're still online. 

Here's the link to access the video series now.

I especially liked the last video... "The Holistic Product Roadmap" (and the free PDF) where they show the kind of impact Holistic practitioners can have in the world if we can just get our message out there. 

For acupuncturists, the time is now!

This is a great opportunity for us Acupuncturists to envision a new way to expand our reach and share our (vast) knowledge so our medicine is not left out. 

For years, Any Ramsay and Marcus Bird have been successfully helping holistic practitioners (e.g. acupuncturists, naturopaths, wellness coaches, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, astrologers, psychics, artists, etc.) get their wisdom to the very people who WANT it and are searching for it. 

But this is THE FIRST TIME they are offering their signature Holistic Product Blueprint program to all Holistic practitioners in an online format. 

They are dedicated to helping us move from a feeling of struggle and desperation in our practice to feeling ease and flow. In this live webinar they'll be teaching in detail and will have ample time for your Q&A. But you have to register to attend.

SPACE IS LIMITED. Register here

There is only ONE webinar so be sure to note the Date & Time Zones:

Thursday, July 27th at 5 PM PDT, Pacific time, USA 

Thursday, July 27th at 8 PM pm EDT, Eastern time USA

Friday, July 28th at 10 AM - Melbourne, Australia time

**NOTE: If you can’t make the live webinar, you MUST register to get access to the replay or recording.

Register here

See you there!

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[FREE WORKBOOK] Can Acupuncturists Boost Their Business With Intellectual Property? Yes!

The Seed Sheet with Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird

Do you ever feel like it's getting harder and harder for acupuncturists to stay in business? I'm not just talking about getting new patients. Yes, that's a constant challenge that waxes and wanes. I'm talking about once your schedule is full, how do you continue to stay booked solid (or better yet, expand your practice to bring in even more patients) and not get burned out? 

I think avoiding burnout is one of the biggest challenges for us acupuncturists. But taking time off just creates other problems, like decreasing your cash flow and then being even busier when you do return to work. Which leads to... you guessed it... more burnout! Ugh.

One way out of this catch-22 is (are you sitting down?) ... by designing your own Intellectual Property. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds. 

Think of it this way... Intellectual Property or "I.P" is comprised of things like: infographics, visual models, frameworks, systems, methodologies, formulas, blueprints and even your own titles and language. And when they are neatly packaged into a program or product that reinforces your acupuncture treatments, your patients (and better yet, people who've never met you) can benefit from them! 

Having your own I.P. is one of the best kept secrets that (when developed properly), separates those who succeed from the unfortunate 95% who burnout and have nothing to show in their savings account, let alone for retirement. It sucks! But it's not your fault... 

For a limited time my friends Andy Ramsay & Marcus Bird are giving away a FREE copy of The Holistic Product Creation Seed Sheet System™ workbook.

Download your free copy now.

And watch their video series... it's very well done and just might give you that "ah-ha!" moment that could change your acupuncture practice forever.

In the workbook they show you how to create your very own signature methodologies, systems, visual models, metaphors and so much more. This is something that you can provide to your patients or offer as a stand alone product or program to people who live far away and cannot come see you in your clinic. 

Can you see the tremendous value in helping people who live far away? It gives you the ability to HELP MORE PEOPLE while it actually frees up your TIME!

The goal is to break you free from the feelings of competition and burnout and secure your financial future by reaching your global audience (or what they call your "tribe") so that you can experience the joy of making a much bigger difference on the planet. 

Here’s that link again

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration to take your acupuncture practice to a brand NEW level!



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[FREE DOWNLOAD] How To Supplement Your Acupuncture Services With Your Signature Product or Program

Acupuncturists Product Creation Guidebook with Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird

How do you maintain your integrity and be financially successful as well?

I believe it’s possible to do both. But there are definite challenges, especially for us acupuncturists. 

Acupuncture school does not provide a roadmap for success (whatever that is). And schools don't teach realistic strategies for balancing your integrity and authenticity with earning a vibrant and fulfilling living, right?

That’s why I want to tell you about my good Aussie friends, Andy Ramsay (the acupuncturist) & Marcus Bird. They’ve worked with over 20,000 holistic, health-minded practitioners like us who VALUE our integrity and our deep desire to help others. 

With these values as the priority they’ve helped holistic practitioners build multiple 6 and 7 figure companies ...

WITHOUT the guilt, anxiety and burnout …

If you’d like to learn the secrets to escape your “effort based income” practice so you can have more ease and flow in your days …

Then you won’t want to miss this …

This week the guys are giving away a limited number of FREE copies of The Holistic Product Creation Transformational Journey™.

The workbook also comes with a video training to take you step-by-step through the Transformational Journey™ system.

These guys are world leaders when it comes to helping acupuncturists and other holistic business owners create lasting success …

WITH integrity and authenticity ...

Sign up now to get your free download while it lasts

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John Ottaviano, Dr. Stephen Rosenblatt, and Dr. David Bresler

I was introduced to California Acupuncture College by John Ottaviano in 1979. He was among the founders. He had an acupuncture practice where he treated

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Acupuncture CEUs Black Friday Annual Sale

Acupuncture CEU/PDA sale! You have 2 years to claim these CEUs so even if you don't need them right now you can still get the courses at the discounted price. Save 30% on all recorded on-demand online course from ProD Seminars, sale extended Monday November 30th, 2015. 

When you register for any Pro D Seminars online courses you receive 2 years access to recording to complete for CEU/PDA, plus LIFETIME* access to course recordings for continued review. For a complete list of our courses, visit their online catalog today.

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Dr. Miriam Lee: A heroine for the start of acupuncture as a profession in the State of California

Dr. Miriam Lee: A heroine for the start of acupuncture as a profession in the State of California (authors are Arthur Yin Fan, Ziyi Fan) was published

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Insurance Billing for Acupuncturists: AAC's ICD10 Digital Coding Tool

Insurance billing for acupuncturists is filled with challenges so whenever there's a tool that can make our lives easier, I'm happy to pass it along. 

This is AAC's (American Acupuncture Council's) digital coding tool. It includes some features which might be helpful as we all navigate the upcoming transition from ICD9 to ICD10 coding. Even if you don't currently bill insurance, it's worth a look. 

Along with the digital search function which allows us to look up the new diagnostic and CPT codes quickly, there is a nice Document Library which has customizable forms. These include HIPAA Policies, Insurance Correspondence and "Fight Back" Letters, Insurance Billing Protocols (Verification Forms, Super Bills), Outcome Assessment Forms and many other useful templates.

Check it out to see if it will help you with the upcoming October 1st, 2015 transition to ICD10 coding.

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Complementary & Alternative Marketing Ebook & Bonus Videos by Lisa Hanfileti

How to Attract New Patients, Market Your Practice, and Earn Passive Income With Your Acupuncture Website, by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc Ebook and 4 Bonus Videos.

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What formulas and single herbs to stock when just starting out

I would love a recommended list of the most used formulas and single herbs that one might consider when opening their practice. Thank you! Amanda

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US Army MD's are referencing this Article

Just thought you'd like to know, that the US Army has referenced your article. More in point, the US Army MD faction that practices Acupuncture has referenced

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Acupuncture Yellow Pages

Your acupuncture yellow pages listing does not have to be expensive.

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American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Megan McDrew The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an amazing school with the best staff! The school has everything from a student

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Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Emperor's College is a great school with great people. I am at the end of my second year in the program and I really only have good things to say. I transferred

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Jong-hwan Ree, O.M.D.

As a young boy, Jong-hwan Ree was abducted from his family and forced to serve on the front lines of the Korean War, as a food runner. He claims if it

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Dr. Shingo Fukinbara

In 1972, I John L. Stump, a former high school Biology teacher was accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic. There I was in a class of over 400 new

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Almost Free Acupuncture Business Cards

Nothing is absolutely free but you can get good quality acupuncture business cards very cheaply.

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Dr. Ralph Coan: a hero in establishing acupuncture as a profession in the United States

McLean Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, PLC. Vienna, VA 22182, USA. Correspondence:Tel: +1-703-499-4428; Fax: +1-703-547-8197; E-mail:

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Cleared up My Misconceptions About Medical Acupuncturist Training

Thank you for an informative article that certanly cleared up my misconceptions about the training that Medical Acupuncturists undergo. I've seen some

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Marketing Your Acupuncture Practice

Acupuncture marketing tips and strategies to ensure your acupuncture business success.

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The 10 BEST Acupuncture Schools in the U.S.

The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) has more than 60 Acupuncture schools and colleges with accreditation or candidacy status. All of the schools selected for this list have received accreditation from the ACAOM.

Below is the ranking of the 10 best acupuncture schools in the United States as of 2012

Factors that influenced the choice of schools making this list as well as their relative order include the following:

[1] Quality of faculty not only as practitioners of acupuncture but also as researchers advancing the field

[2] Success in training students who can lead the field

[3] Having not merely a masters but also a doctoral program in acupuncture

[4] Comprehensiveness of the training program

[5] How long the school has been in existence and its reputation for excellence during that time

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American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM)

I LOVED ACTCM! The faculty are comprised of some of the best acupuncturists in the field so you are learning from the best. There are several clinics

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I just watched all of them again.

I love your creative mind Mats. Time for you to come up with something for you and yur Mum to do this summer. Maybe a dance routine? No bike rides

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Dr.Yao Wu Lee established the first acupuncture center in United States in 1972, with Dr.Arnold Benson, Mr.Charles Newmark

The first acupuncture center in the United States: an interview with Dr. Yao Wu Lee, Washington Acupuncture Center http://www.jcimjournal.com/en/index.aspx

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Get Your Acupuncture Website For $1 and Get Free Coaching

For years I've been teaching acupuncturists how to PROPERLY set up and use their acupuncture website to promote their services. Finally you have access to my free video that SHOWS the "8 Terrible Website Mistakes 99% of Acupuncturists Are Making Right Now". The information in this video could change the way you view your entire practice. 

Besides revealing these 8 Terrible Mistakes, this video will also give you:

  • 7 PROVEN TIPS to turn your homepage into a powerful marketing machine
  • 6 DO’S & DON’TS that increase your site’s performance
  • 5 ACTIONS you (and only YOU) must take
  • What to TELL YOUR WEBMASTER to do (and NOT to do) on your website
  • How to USE YOUR WEBSITE to get patients and increase ongoing revenue
  • Plus access to my LIVE COACHING CALLS when you sign up using my Special Code
Go ahead and watch the video now before it gets taken down.


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MD, Anesthesiologist

Excellent Article

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AIMC Berkeley 

I am in my first year of the masters program at AIMC Berkeley and I am genuinely loving it so far. I had done a lot of research (mostly of California schools)

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Acupuncture Business Books

Acupuncture business books and practice management resources to help get your acupuncture practice started and growing strong.

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Why the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine is the Best School on the Planet

Maybe I'm just a bit biased, but I do believe the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine is the best acupuncture program on Earth.

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Institute of Clinical Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

The school staff is willing to work with individual students & their needs whenever possible. The classes are small in size so there is time to ask questions

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Florida College of Integrative Medicine

FCIM is a wonderful school that offers a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in beautiful Orlando Fl. Their approach is to integrate TCM with Western

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Dr Leon Hammer

I was a newly graduated acupuncturist in 1982 in Australia.I attended a conference where an American Doctor Dr Leon Hammer was a keynote speaker. His

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Medical Acupuncture: Training and Qualifications of Physicians

What are the facts about board certification for doctors who provide medical acupuncture?

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Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

The staff and faculty are fantastic; dedicated, insightful, encouraging, compassionate, with a high level of skill. The school is very well organized,

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Yo San University

When I checked out schools for acupuncture, I went to three schools: Yo San, Samra and Emperors. The first school I looked at was Yo San, and it was love

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Mercy College, Acupincture and Oriental Medicine

I attended an Oriental Medical Program given at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. It was headed by Dr. William Prensky. Although the education I

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I love the Pin Doctor Show !!

Now I know what to do with my down time at the office, I'm sure my old twister game and kiddy pool is around here somewhere

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Southwest Acupuncture College-- Boulder

I think that the comprehensive education that I received at SWAC Boulder has made me very prepared for practice. The majority of the teachers there are

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United Acupuncturists

Good article and very informative. It is true that otherwise 'open minded' and nontraditional licensed acupuncturists get trapped in the mechanism of group

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Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

The AtLantic Institute of Oriental Medicine aka ATOM is located in sunny downtown FT Lauderdale. This school is the last stop for those looking for

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Learn Exactly How An Acupuncturist Built a Six Figure Practice In 3 Years With An Initial Investment of $2000 --- in a "Saturated" Area

Good news -- especially if you live in California! 

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Brenda Smith, LAc and personally learn how she was able to develop her practice in a short period of time with very little start-up costs. Not only that, but she is in a city that is supposedly saturated with acupuncturists.

Brenda is offering a spectacular class to help other acupuncturists build and promote their businesses. 

She has already been informally offering help to other acupuncturists for years and decided to put together a series of weekend workshops to SHOW struggling practitioners the exact steps to get results fast. 

To get the class dates and registration details go to:


Warm regards,

Lisa Hanfileti, LAcInsights-For-Acupuncturists.comLisa's10BigMistakes.com

P.S. Brenda made sure that this course is approved for California CEUs, so you also get continuing education credits AND it's a business expense! 

Seriously, this class is a no-brainer if you want to learn how to build your practice and avoid common (costly) mistakes.


P.P.S. If you do not live close enough to the cities where Brenda is teaching her classes, INVITE HER to take her show on the road!

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Thank you for this article.

This is only one of many areas of the acupuncture profession in which there is a distinct lack of clear thinking and civil inter-professional dialog. We

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The Best Acupuncture School on the Planet Survey

Tell us why you believe yours is the best acupuncture school on the planet.

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Qi Weenie

Hilarious. Not taking ourselves too seriously is important

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Great work

Great work. Soooooo Funny and well done. thanks for the laugh

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Tapping For Health: Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Pyschology Meet

There are many different acupressure tapping techniques that utilize the principles of the Chinese acupuncture meridian system. Whatever form of tapping you are drawn to (e.g. BodyTalk, EFT, etc.,) be sure to check out the free online tapping event.

Whether you want to deal with emotional blocks, anxiety, anger, past traumas or phobias, or you want to release physical pain and drop extra pounds, this technique is a gateway to making that happen for you.

They're teaching both the basics and advanced strategies for this technique in a f.r.e.e online event this month.

They ran a similar event last year and had over 81,000 people attend! Check it out:

2010 Tapping World Summit

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Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

AOMA is an incredible place to study. I visited schools in Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. Of all the schools AOMA seemed to have

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Acupuncturists Helping Acupuncturists

There are many Great Acupuncturists providing helpful information and unique resources. Check them out!

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Insights for Acupuncturists Ebook Affiliate Program

Insights for Acupuncturists Ebook Affiliate Program details are shown here. 

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How to Get a Free Website for Your Acupuncture Business

Once a year Site Build It! (SBI! 2.0) makes an unbelievable offer. Until midnight on Christmas when you buy one SBI! 2.0 website, you get FREE website. 

That means you have one FREE website to give away, use yourself, or sell to help offset your own costs. Or you can get really creative and join forces with a friend who wants a website too, then split the costs. 

That's called a WIN-WIN!

Special SiteSell Promotion

You can't beat SBI's all-inclusive website building software, hosting, domain naming, email auto-responder, newsletter, (plus a lot more) and a block-by-block instruction guide for researching, planning, and building a BUSINESS on the web. 

Cheers!Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

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Try a Free Mind Map

If writing a formal business plan is too overwhelming try using a Free Mind Map.

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